HeadshotHeadshot It’s impossible, for me, to articulate the excitement and joy that I experience; when … with camera in hand … I explore the world around me or when I sit at my computer doing post processing.  My goal is to share that excitement and joy with the viewer.

As for my political or social agenda, it’s my hope that my images:

  • help the viewer to have a greater appreciation for the beauty and fragility of our environment and its inhabitants, including us humans; and
  • motivate the viewer to be proactive in ensuring their protection.

My interests are considered, by many, to be on the opposite ends of spectrum … the great outdoors, where I can enjoy nature’s gifts; and my home-studio, where I enjoy capturing the unique characteristics of my subject.  I’m also enjoying the exploration of the possibilities of infrared digital capture.

My formal introduction to photography came about in the mid-60s; when the United States Marine Corps thought I was best suited (at least, for their purposes) to be a photographer. Then, while attending Pan American University (now known as the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley), I enrolled in a several "advanced” photography classes and I also secured a part-time job as one of the university’s “work-study” (student) photographers.

Since graduating from college in 1972, I’ve attempted to improve my photographic skills through trial and error, and by reading countless magazines and books; supplemented by enrollment in numerous workshops and seminars. However, the two most significant impacts, upon my photographic skill sets, were my participation in the photography programs of the:

  • Southwest Craft Center (now known as the Southwest School of Art and Craft) in San Antonio, Texas, where my “pictures” began to resemble “images”; and
  • Center for Visual Technology at the Meramec Campus of St. Louis Community College, where I made the transition to the digital era.

I’m active in the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA); serving on two committees, for one of which, I’m the Chairperson.  I’m also actively involved with the Missouri Nature and Environmental Photographers (MoNEP); chairing two of MoNEP’s ad hoc committees. I am a juried member of the Missouri Artisan Association (also known as "Best of Missouri Hands").

Thanks for visiting my website.

Teofilo (Ted) Moreno, photographer

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